business interests

Investment and Industrial SAV Group PTE LTD., since its inception to the present day, has been active in such industrial sectors as production of diesel engines, power equipment on the different types of fuel, machinery, construction equipment.

Economic interests SAV group

Is geographically concentrated in countries such as Singapore, Poland, Germany, Italy, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and others, where there are offices, development centers and production, as well as distribution networks to ensure the marketing of products.

The success of the brand SAV

The success was made possible due to investments in advanced production technology, scientific and marketing research, which provided a set of advantages, and the groundwork for future growth, in today's economic world order.

We aim to develop productivity and innovation


  • Services network

    Services network. Through the production and trade, geographic expansion, the SAV group is investing heavily in the construction and development of the network service centers…

  • Distribution

    Distribution. Implementing the concept of an integrated approach, investment and industrial group SAV accompany their products from pipelines to end users, building a classical channel…