Directions investment and industrial SAV group

Interests of the SAV group focused on several strategic areas, allowing for a planned, dynamic development, ensuring the needs of the markets of countries of presence and maintaining a high level of production.

  • Diesel engine construction

    Diesel engine construction Reliable and cost-effective, industrial diesel engines - the key to successful development of many industries in which…

  • Industrial power stations

    Industrial power stations. Production of diesel generator sets and gas turbine power plants SAV is one of the most capacious…

  • Portable petrol and diesel generators

    Portable petrol and diesel generators. Accompanying the direction of production activity of investment and industrial group SAV is the production…

  • Three-phase synchronous alternators

    Synchronous alternators SAV In an effort to fully meet the needs of the component base for the production of industrial…

  • Services network

    Services network. Through the production and trade, geographic expansion, the SAV group is investing heavily in the construction and development…

  • Distribution

    Distribution. Implementing the concept of an integrated approach, investment and industrial group SAV accompany their products from pipelines to end…

International marketing SAV

Economic interests SAV group is geographically concentrated in countries such as Singapore, Poland, Germany, Italy, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and others, where there are offices, development centers and production, as well as distribution networks to ensure the marketing of products.
The success of the brand SAV was made possible due to investments in advanced production technology, scientific and marketing research, which provided a set of advantages, and the groundwork for future growth, in today's economic world order.


  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Innovations


  • Data analysis
  • Local markets
  • Pricing


  • Local trading networks
  • Regional distributors
  • –°hannel distribution

Modern technologies

  • Control systems
  • Remote control
  • Application Development