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Diesel engine construction

Diesel engine construction Reliable and cost-effective, industrial diesel engines - the key to successful development of many industries in which the concentrated interests of SAVGroup. Features of this unit, largely, to form a complex of properties and opportunities of complex products based on them. SAVGroup Group places orders for production of engines on carefully selected,…
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Industrial power stations

Industrial power stations. Production of diesel generator sets and gas turbine power plants SAV is one of the most capacious areas of the group. Even in the 21st century, the vast majority of the regions of the Earth is experiencing electricity shortages and needs in the supply of high-quality and reliable generating units. Aiming at…
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Portable petrol and diesel generators

Portable petrol and diesel generators. Accompanying the direction of production activity of investment and industrial group SAV is the production of portable generators running on gasoline and diesel fuel. The demand for these products, consistently high, which is caused by the simplicity and breadth of possible applications. Responsive to consumer trends of the regions, this…
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Three-phase synchronous alternators

Synchronous alternators SAV In an effort to fully meet the needs of the component base for the production of industrial generator sets, SAV group provide a range of reliable power generators, supplied as a part of power, and as stand-alone products. Reliability and quality. Structurally, synchronous alternators are based on technology developed by the world…
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