About the group of companies SAV

The company was founded in 1990 in Singapore, on the initiative of the Chinese, US and Singapore investors.

SAV Group PTE LTD, main activities since its inception to the present day, is the industrial production of a wide range of powerful, diesel generator sets, portable gasoline and diesel generators. Industrial infrastructure SAV Group includes the engineering department, engaged in research and development aimed at improving the range of products and introduction of new technologies. Our company is present on the international market, offering world-class products at reasonable prices, free to compete with a variety of brands.

Capacities SAV Group are concentrated in China, Italy and Poland, and the products are sold throughout the world under various brand names.

The basis of the SAV product line up of diesel generators, covering a power range from 10 kW to 2500 kW, and designed to work in every corner of the globe. We supply reliable diesel generator sets in the open version, as well as equipped with soundproof set in the block container or placed on a car platform.
Diesel generators can be fitted with SAV startup systems, as well as the synchronization of complex, allowing to combine energy complex in two or more generator sets. At the heart of our generator sets are high-quality engines SAV Diesel, Iveco, Doosan, Deutz and Mitsubishi.

SAV line of portable generators provided petrol and diesel versions, with a capacity of from 0,8 kW to 16kW. This small-sized products that fit in the trunk of the car and ready to go at any time when required consumer. It is a reliable solution for backup electricity country house, a garage or a marching camp in the wild.

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